Problem in gmake of dccproc tarball on SunOS4.1

Vernon Schryver
Sun Oct 10 21:28:38 UTC 2004

> From: Charles Hewson 

> 	I am just a satisfied user but, if you are willing to jump in the
> URL below gets you in for two weeks free.

I would feel uncomfortable using the trial-account offer in that web
page to debug or develop software without an explicit invitation.  That
I claim my motives are pure does not give me more rights than the bad
guys' identical claims give them.  Eskimo North probably intends that
free trial account offer in the mode of the pre-spam Internet and would
not mind in the least, but this not the pre-spam Internet.  Actions
such as entering a neighbor's unoccupied house to escape a storm are
fine in some places but grounds for a stay in jail or justification
for homicide other places.  Today's Internet is a place of armed guards
who shoot first and don't ask questions.

Besides, how could I justify forcing them to spend even $0.25 to
telephone me to verify a throw-away account?

Vernon Schryver

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