Problem in gmake of dccproc tarball on SunOS4.1

Vernon Schryver
Sun Oct 10 01:10:32 UTC 2004

> From: Charles Hewson 

> Disable IPv6 doesn't seem to help.

> [cahewson] ./config.status --recheck

Please do not assume that my ./configure script is described by the
FSF liturgy.  It is similar, but different.  There is something odd
there, because with --disable-IPv6 I see:
  checking for IPv6... disabled
instead of:
> checking for IPv6... no AF_INET6

> I get many parse errors and warnings before it dies at this:

What are the first half dozen errors and warnings?  Error recovery in
C compilers has always been problematic, because it's a hard problem.
Everything reported by a compiler after the first error is suspect.

> wlist.c:229: request for member `info_entries' in something not a
> structure or union
> wlist.c:230: request for member `info' in something not a structure or
> union

Are there other problems compiling other DCC files?
Are the errors in .c files other than wlist.c?

wlist is merely a test program that dumps DCC client whitelist hash tables.

Does your system have some kind of threads?  What does the ./configure
script say about threads?  What is the complete `cc` command for wlist.c?

It may be impractical to find the problem by this sort of 20-questions,
particularly compared to a quick look via an ssh account.

Vernon Schryver

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