Rpm updates?

Alan Munday dccmail@brightheadtechnology.com
Fri Oct 8 22:16:53 UTC 2004

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> I personally would not mix the methods. Either use DCC from 
> the tarball, 
> or use an rpm.
> You can look at the updatedcc script that was installed with 
> the rpm and 
> see if it has been configured correctly for the dcc package, 
> but if you 
> use rpm to verify files this will give you checksum errors if 
> you update 
> with updatedcc. In addition, if you updatedcc in an rpm install, the 
> version number in the rpm databse will not reflect the actual 
> software 
> installed, which sort of defeats the purpose of using rpms.
> The dcc tarballs seem to work like a charm and updatedcc 
> works well. I 
> personally use rpms since I enforce that for software 
> deployment on all 
> my linux boxes, but we build our own rpms for software like 
> dcc that is 
> not part of a standard distro, and that we deploy on several boxes.


Thanks. Pretty much the answer I expected and yes, I've always found
updatedcc worked a treat.

I found the rpm on rpm.pbone.net and they seem to follow the releases, which
I took as a plus.

I was moving to rpm use rather than using sources as I have an old server
that has been upgraded so many times, via both rpm's and sources, that it
gets really difficult to solve some problems.

I thought I'd take the hit of waiting on updates for the benefit of the rpm



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