Rpm updates?

Chris Albert christopher.albert@mcgill.ca
Fri Oct 8 21:42:24 UTC 2004

Alan Munday wrote:

>If I installed DCC from an rpm package do updates need to come from rpm's or
>will updatedcc put the updates into the same location that the rpm put the
I personally would not mix the methods. Either use DCC from the tarball, 
or use an rpm.
You can look at the updatedcc script that was installed with the rpm and 
see if it has been configured correctly for the dcc package, but if you 
use rpm to verify files this will give you checksum errors if you update 
with updatedcc. In addition, if you updatedcc in an rpm install, the 
version number in the rpm databse will not reflect the actual software 
installed, which sort of defeats the purpose of using rpms.
The dcc tarballs seem to work like a charm and updatedcc works well. I 
personally use rpms since I enforce that for software deployment on all 
my linux boxes, but we build our own rpms for software like dcc that is 
not part of a standard distro, and that we deploy on several boxes.


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