Graylisting II

Vernon Schryver
Fri Oct 1 04:59:37 UTC 2004

> From: "Christopher Albert" 

> Suppose I have a spam filtering system that gives scores to spam
> messages and records the relay IP with the spam score. Periodically I
> get the most prolific spam sending relays that exceed a certain spam
> score, and I record these relay IPs in a file, which I call the
> "craplist".
> Can I have dccm greylist just the craptlist?
> Thus can I grey list based on lists of IPs?

If you are willing to whitelist all other IP addresses for ordinary
DCC filtering, you could tell sendmail to sent the ${dcc_notspam} macro
if the SMTP client IP address is not in a database file.  It would not
be difficult to adapt the sending SA ruleset to look in some other
database file and invert its output.

Vernon Schryver

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