Some Queries regarding internal specification of DCC

Sat Sep 25 10:50:23 UTC 2004

  I am interesting in learning DCC internal (both dcc-client and dcc-server) specification. Actually I want to develop a DCC-system (both server and client) in java. Please answer the following questions:

Q1. If two checksums found 'OK2' or one is found as 'OK' and another checksum found as 'MANY', what will dcc-client do?
Q2. How ok,ok2,many calculated (I mean internally dcc-client how decided it)?
Q3. How dcc-client and dcc-server communicate, in details? I mean thru which protocol like Email client and server communicate through SMTP for relay.
Q4. How two dcc-server dcc-server communicate, protocol in details?
Q5. If email-body contains attachment or HTML(MIME), is dcc-client include attachment/HTML(MIME) to calculate body checksum or only specific portion of that body without attachment. In short body checksum generated as part or whole?
Q6. What is Fuz1 and Fuz2, and how they calculated?
Q7. If mail address is not in whitelist what happend when mail sent to that address, dcc-client simply reject mail or ask to dcc server and decide on the basis of that counts with threshold?



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