Required Information About DCC Protocols

Sat Sep 11 06:56:46 UTC 2004

  Please can anybody tell me about dcc protocol. I have search through the web-search engine but i have not found any information about the dcc protocol. When i searched using 'dccp' then i found result related to 'datagram congestion control protocol'. I have understood the working of DCC server and DCC client from  There it is also mentioned that dcc trafic is much similiar to DNS trafic. But only the difference is of the port (6227 instead of 53). 

  Actually i m interested in case where i write my own dcc client and dcc server which would work on dcc protocols. I have looked for different products like MXtreme™ ( ) and Marvin ( ) which integrates dcc in their products.

  Please provide me proper guideline and any references. From where i can found more about the DCC protocol. I would be obliged.




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