Problem with whitelists -- ignore previous mail. (sorry)

Tue Sep 7 16:11:07 UTC 2004

The below ive listed in /var/dcc/whitelist

I'll try moving it to /var/dcc/whiteclnt, do I need to reload DCCM when
modifying this file?

And the reason it gives for blocking the mail is as follows:

X-DCC-xmailer-Metrics: 1192; bulk Body=1 Fuz1=1
                                                      checksum  server
                       IP: 5b7e520c 5f06bfb7 d38695d1 eee0f118
                 env_From: ed272648 8b1fc3e2 d3acf207 6a9de48a
                     From: ed272648 8b1fc3e2 d3acf207 6a9de48a
          substitute helo: 7af19d6e b73761bc a2441427 36f396f1
               Message-ID: 45907b69 90a7097f e09ee690 4e1a23df
                 Received: 913e240c aa95baed 55dec0eb ef30f836
                     Body: c137b0f6 bd523287 d649caa0 b5dc3d14       0
                     Fuz1: c29c5672 cf2dbb5d d9189237 0b6aea67       0
                     Fuz2: fe8cbf14 37624a87 edf583df 04c8078b   11644
     substitute mail_host: 479858ce 5ad01a16 516a434a 2946fefc

rejection message: 550 5.7.1 mail i87CeZwY022245 from rejected
by DCC
result: reject


So if im using a public DCC server does the stats graphs apply to how much
mail has been stopped on my mail server?

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> From: "Sneak" <>

> I'm trying to white list a group of servers which I'm having trouble 
> receiving legitimate email from.
> I've tried adding the following with little success..
> ok      substitute      mail_host     
> ok      substitute      mail_host     
> ok      substitute      mail_host     
> note this is my startup string for DCCM : -SHELO -Smail_host -SSender 
> -SList-ID

Are those lines in /var/dcc/whiteclnt?

Is that file writable by the dccm process, including not locked by an editor
such as `vi`?

Are there any complaints about the contents of /var/dcc/whiteclnt from dccm
in your system log?

What are the contents of /var/dcc/log files containing mail that was
rejected but should have been accepted?  Dccm always says why it doesn't
like a message in the log files it creates.

One way to debug a DCC client whitelist is to feed mail messages to `dccproc
-w whiteclnt -l /tmp -E -S ...`

> another question, how do I go about getting a client-ID? I would like 
> to graph my stats?
> is this possible?

Client-IDs are assigned by DCC server owners for their own DCC clients.
If your mail system handles more than 100,000 mail messages per day, then
you should have your own DCC server and assign your own client-IDs.
If your mail system handles fewer mail messages, you should probably use the
public DCC servers.

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Please do not send HTML encoded messages to this mailing list.
I don't think much of sending both cleartext and HTML in any case, but
perhaps I'm a radical reactionary.

Vernon Schryver
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