Problem with whitelists

Vernon Schryver
Tue Sep 7 14:59:50 UTC 2004

> From: "Sneak" <>

> I'm trying to white list a group of servers which I'm having trouble
> receiving legitimate email from.
> I've tried adding the following with little success..
> ok      substitute      mail_host     
> ok      substitute      mail_host     
> ok      substitute      mail_host     
> note this is my startup string for DCCM : -SHELO -Smail_host -SSender
> -SList-ID

Are those lines in /var/dcc/whiteclnt?

Is that file writable by the dccm process, including not locked by
an editor such as `vi`?

Are there any complaints about the contents of /var/dcc/whiteclnt
from dccm in your system log?

What are the contents of /var/dcc/log files containing mail that
was rejected but should have been accepted?  Dccm always says why
it doesn't like a message in the log files it creates.

One way to debug a DCC client whitelist is to feed mail messages
to `dccproc -w whiteclnt -l /tmp -E -S ...`

> another question, how do I go about getting a client-ID? I would like to
> graph my stats?
> is this possible?

Client-IDs are assigned by DCC server owners for their own DCC clients.
If your mail system handles more than 100,000 mail messages per day,
then you should have your own DCC server and assign your own client-IDs.
If your mail system handles fewer mail messages, you should probably
use the public DCC servers.

> Content-Type: text/html;
> 	charset="us-ascii"
> Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

> <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">

Please do not send HTML encoded messages to this mailing list.
I don't think much of sending both cleartext and HTML in any case,
but perhaps I'm a radical reactionary.

Vernon Schryver

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