DCC version 1.2.51

Vernon Schryver vjs@calcite.rhyolite.com
Sat Sep 4 15:00:17 UTC 2004

> From: Gary Mills 

> >     Add `dccd -G weak-IP` to whitelist not only a {sender,target,IP address}
> > 	after passing the greylist embargo, but anything from the IP address.
> > 	Use this facility with caution; it might be a bad idea.
> > 
> >     The last change requires that all greylist clients and servers
> > 	be upgraded simultaneously.
> Only if the `weak-IP' facility is used, I assume.  If it's not used,
> can I upgrade clients and servers in any order?

No, I changed the greylist client-server protocol.  If you don't
upgraded greylist clients and servers together, the servers will whine
about bad operations from clients when the clients receive spam.

The previous version of the protocol did not have clients telling the
greylist server the IP addresses of senders of mail that the client
considers spam (e.g. from a DCC target count, a client's blacklist,
or sendmail access_DB) so that the server can restore the greylist
embargo.  If the server is running with "weak-IP", then it should
remove the greylist "not-spammer" mark for the IP address.   The client
does not know whether the greylist server is running with "weak-IP".

If I recall correctly some of your previous comments, this version of
the greylist server might be interesting for your site.  The greylist
database should shrink to perhaps 30% of its previous size.

Vernon Schryver    vjs@rhyolite.com

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