dccifd oscilates between servers

Sergio Devojno Bruder bruder@haxent.com.br
Fri Aug 27 19:25:32 UTC 2004

Vernon Schryver escreveu:
> (....)
> Dccd is a memory pig.  The common database of bulk mail wants at least
> 750 MByte.  2 million local requests/day would want another 500 MByte.
> Dccd tries not to use more than 50% of RAM, but wants to all
> of /var/dcc/dcc_db.hash and most of /var/dcc/dcc_db in RAM.
> Thus a system handling more than 2-3 M requests/day wants more than
> 1 GByte of RAM.

Ok. We have 1GB of RAM, we just upgraded it to 1.5GB for now, a new box with 
3GB was ordered.

That upgrade to 1.5GB solved it for our use now, the full deploy will wait for 
the 3GB box.

> I should also mention that some flavors of UNIX do not deal gracefully
> with the large mmap() areas used by dccd.  For example, I've seen some
> versions of Linux insist on swapping, and in the worst possible, least
> necessary ways.

We are indeed using 80*86 with linux, but that box isnt touching swap.

> Vernon Schryver    vjs@rhyolite.com

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