missing message body error

John Scully jscully@isupportisp.com
Tue Aug 24 18:26:09 UTC 2004

I saw a similar posting a few minutes ago – we have been seeing that missing
message body for a few days, since we did a tighter integration to DCC.


We are running sendmail with Mimedefang 2.45(beta) to allow us to interact
with spamassassin, DCC and our own anti-spam systems.


When I use dccproc everything is fine, but if I use dccifd about 1% of
messages get that missing body error, which then seems to lock up dccifd for
8-10 seconds.


I was just about to edit the dccifd.c code to add more info to that message
– like the contents of the headers it has received.  My problem is that so
far I have been unable to connect that error to a specific message – we are
processing about 20 per second through DCC.



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