dccifd oscilates between servers

Sergio Devojno Bruder bruder@haxent.com.br
Fri Aug 20 16:06:52 UTC 2004

We are beginning a large instalation of dcc (5-6M emails/day), now with 1 
local server and running dccifd only in 2 relays (2-3M/day):

in one case dccifd's are running in the relay machine itself, in the other 
dccifd's are running in the server box.

The problem that we are running into is that the calculated RTT for our server 
oscilates wildly, so from time to time our ifd's choose a public server and we 
already use RTT-2000ms for our server.

This alone prevented that we extended dcc use to all of ours mx boxes.

dccd server is basically idle, 50-70% of CPU idle (but load ~2, probably 

Sergio Devojno Bruder    <bruder@haxent.com.br>
http://haxent.com.br  41 362-5930, 41 9127-6620

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