confusion over headers and spam marking

Kiira Triea
Fri Aug 6 18:22:37 UTC 2004

| What is your local definition of "bulk"?  As I should have noticed
| before, judging from that DCCM_REJECT_AT=, nothing is bulk at your
| site.  You need to set DCCM_REJECT_AT to something, and probably
| do as the preceding lines in /var/dcc/dcc_conf say and add -aIGNORE
| to DCCM_ARGS until you are sure that you have whitelisted all
| legitimate sources of bulk mail.

That did it. That is what I was trying to do. 

If I have dccm configured as a sendmail milter in addition to
mimedefang then I don't need to make mimedefang run dccproc right? 



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