confusion over headers and spam marking

Kiira Triea
Fri Aug 6 15:48:34 UTC 2004

| > I have dccm installed and X-DCC headers are being written but I am a
| > little confused over how spam is marked. will it have "bulk" before
| > the scores all the time?  In my dcc_conf I have the default 
| >
| > #   add X-DCC headers.
| Yes, bulk mail that is not whitelisted will X-DCC headers containing
| the string "bulk".   See the section "X-DCC Headers" in `man dcc`.

I have hundreds of messages with X-DCC headers but none marked
bulk. It seems like I would have some. 

| > I am also starting dccm with -d and writeing to local5 but there isn't
| > all that much info in the log file... can I write a log that shows
| > rejections and how each mail was marked or anything?
| >
| > I just need to sort this out because I'm not sure if dcc is really
| > doing its work. 
| Why not look at the files in /var/dcc ?

I've read the documentation but am having a little trouble
understanding it. 



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