Integration with SA 2.63

Vernon Schryver
Wed Aug 4 14:24:57 UTC 2004

> From: Asif Iqbal 

> I need some help/direction to setup a local dcc server. I never used dcc
> before and would like to give it a shot.
> I currently am using SA 2.63 + ClamAV with qmail-scanner. I am looking
> for a way to integrate the DCC part with SA 2.63 (or may be
> qmail-scanner) so that all my 100k+ mails per day get scanned by DCC
> without adding much CPU load to my mail server

If "SA 2.63" is SpamAssassin, then you probably will not notice any
change in the load on your system by installing and turning on dccifd.

Do you mean "dcc client" instead of "dcc server"?   A DCC server
acts as one of the clearinghouses in the global network of Distributed
Checksum Clearinghouses.

A mail system that processes fewer than 100,000 mail messages per day
uses less of its own bandwidth and the bandwidth of other DCC servers
by using the public DCC servers.  (Note that is mail messages instead
of addressees.)  Each mail message needs a DCC transaction that requires
about 100 bytes, and so 100,000 mail messages/day imply about 10
MBytes/day of DCC client-server traffic.  Each DCC server needs to
exchange "floods" or streams of checksms with 4 other servers.  Each
flood is currently about 100 MBytes/day for a current total of about
400 MBytes/day.

When normally installed by the included Makefiles, DCC clients are 
configured to use the public DCC servers without any additional
configuration, except to open firewalls to port 6277.

Vernon Schryver

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