Speaking of OSes ...

Sven Willenberger sven@dmv.com
Mon Aug 2 19:16:23 UTC 2004

Now that DragonFly BSD has gone into release, I found that I had to
tweak the configure file to handle that. I have a cluster of FreeBSD and
now a few DragonFly machines running dccifd. uname on these DragonFly
systems spits out DragonFly; I had some issues with dccifd until I
changed the configure file to look for TARGET_OS in FreeBSD|DragonFly
which, for now, seems to have worked. A simple inline replacement of
FreeBSD with FreeBSD|DragonFly seems to work except for the code at

2309     # notice a FreeBSD sendmail package if there is only one
2310     if test ! -d$SENDMAIL_EVAL                           \
2311             -a "$TARGET_SYS" = FreeBSD; then             \
2312         SENDMAIL_PKG=`echo /usr/ports/mail/sendmail/work/sendmail*`
2313         if test -d "$SENDMAIL_PKG"; then
2314             SENDMAIL="$SENDMAIL_PKG"
2315             SENDMAIL_EVAL="$SENDMAIL"
2316         fi
2317     fi

Currently DragonFly uses the same ports tree as FreeBSD so that test
would work for DragonFly as well. Unfortunately the uname does not
include BSD in the result anywhere so the idea of using a *BSD* wildcard
test won't work. 

Just a thought if you want to include DragonFly support (i.e. FreeBSD-
specific tweaks) into dcc.


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