Spike Ilacqua spike@indra.com
Sat Jul 24 00:43:43 UTC 2004

I'm not a huge fan of SPF, as an ISP I see what a pain it will be. 
People like sending work mail from home, and home mail from work and 
they are not going to be happy when that stops working.  And given how 
much spam comes from compromised computers which will have legit SPF 
records, it's value is unclear.   And not to mention these are the 
spammers that have pretty much beaten everything that's been thrown in 
there way, including tricky things like Bayesian filters.

Despite this, Microsoft has announce that Hotmail, MSN, etc will start 
enforcing SPF on October 1st, so it's about to become all of the rage. 
So that might make it a useful tool with greylisting.  In the case where 
the SPF information can be confirmed, greylisting could be (optionally) 

There are two SPF libraries available:


So some of the leg work is already done...



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