DCC on FreeBSD

Daniel V Klein dvk@lonewolf.com
Fri Jul 23 18:28:01 UTC 2004


No joy, even though I deinstalled the package and then installed from 
downloaded source.  Good call on "make mailer.conf", and the .m4 files
are in their proper place, as is SENDMAIL_CF_DIR in /etc/make.conf (which
is where I believe it should be done, instead of locally).

But I still get no DCC messages, log, or header modifications.  Here is some
relevant information:

% ps axw | egrep dcc
32177  ??  Ss     0:00.01 /var/dcc/libexec/dccm -A -SHELO -Smail_host -SSender -SList-ID -l log -t CMN,1,20 -w whiteclnt -U userdir


> If you install from ports, dcc will install in /usr/local/dcc (if memory
> serves). I have always installed from source because a) things like
> mimedefang/spamassassin expect to find the dcc stuff in /var/dcc and b)
> dcc comes with an updater (/var/dcc/libexec/updatedcc) which makes
> keeping dcc current a breeze. If you have installed sendmail from ports
> (which it appears you have) make sure you have run make mailer.conf from
> within the /usr/ports/mail/sendmail directory. Also, you will need to
> put the dcc.m4 in your /usr/local/share/sendmail/cf/feature directory
> (not the /usr/share/sendmail/cf/feature). Also, in the /etc/mail
> directory, check the Makefile and make sure that SENDMAIL_CF_DIR is
> defined as /usr/local/share/sendmail/cf. 
> With all that in place you should have a working dcc install.
> Sven
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