Can DCC identify attachment types?

John Scully
Fri Jul 23 16:16:50 UTC 2004

We use mimedefang to drive DCC and spamassassin, and run about 250,000
messages per day per server with low load.  This includes doing clamav virus
scan, and using a LOT of custom rule sets on spamassassin - we use all the
sets from rulesemporium, as well as RBL checks.

The new built-in perl interpreter makes a huge difference.  You do want to
have enough ram to put the working directory for mimedefang and spamassassin
on a TMPFS (ram-disk).  

Let me know if you want more detailed info.

John Scully

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On Thu, Jul 22, 2004 at 05:54:14PM -0400, Tony Nelson wrote:
> Check out mimedefang..

It looks as if it would work, although I'm concerned about the
perl code for a high-volume e-mail server.

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