DCC on FreeBSD

Daniel V Klein dvk@lonewolf.com
Fri Jul 23 13:40:49 UTC 2004

I have been running DCC on BSDi for a while, and am converting to FreeBSD.
I am currently have FreeBSD-4.10 installed, and also installed the packages
for mail/sendmail-sasl and mail/dcc-dccd.

Everything appears to compile/install fine (except that I needed to manually
install dcc.m4 and dccdnsbl.m4).  However, dccm does not appear to be working.

It runs, it accumulates a (small amount) of CPU time, but it does not insert
any DCC headers nor is anything logged in the log directory.  I have checked
my sendmail.cf file, and yes, there is mention of dcc in reasonable places.
When I start dccm, it logs a single entry into /var/log/maillog:
	1.2.48 listening to /var/run/dcc/dccm with /var/dcc
and that file is what sendmail.cf has specified (of course, I specified
FEATURE(`dcc') in sendmail.mc).

Some oddities:
	1) There is a /var/dcc and a /usr/local/dcc after the package is
installed.  Which should I use?  (I configured both, and started dccm from
	2) "cdcc rtt" reports a lot of machines down, but there are some that
are up, so my firewall is not in the way...
	3) The package installs into /usr/local/sbin/sendmail, but I still
have a /usr/sbin/sendmail of a different vintage - any suggestions?

Has anyone else encountered this problem?  Has anyone installed from just the
packages?  Clearly I can try to install DCC manually, but it seems better to
use the package interface...


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