Strange errors

Vernon Schryver
Thu Jul 15 17:20:30 UTC 2004

> From: Daniel V Klein 

> I am getting swamped with bad connections, spam, no such users, etc.  And
> my load average is regularly above 10.  I see these error messages flooding
> by:
> Jul 15 11:34:02 cub sendmail[28325]: i6FFY2cU028325: Milter (dcc): local socket name /var/run/dcc/dccm unsafe

Sendmail says that when /var/run/dcc/dccm or /var/run/dcc do not
have owners or permissions that it likes.

If you are not running dccm as root, you should build with
    ./configure --with-uiid=whatever

If permissions and ownerships are the problem, then I'd run 
    /var/dcc/libexec/updatedcc -c with-uid=whatever ...

Vernon Schryver

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