Whitelist entries missing from server database

Clive Cleland clive@messagecare.com
Thu Jul 8 00:58:18 UTC 2004

> From: Vernon Schryver

>> I have observed an inconsistency with DCC server whitelisting.  Of some
>> 'ok From' entries in our whitelist, only 600 appear to make it into the
>> server database.

> Are there any complaints from a similar invocation of dblcean with
> your complete whitelist?

Ahhh... In the clear light of day, and with your gentle guidance, I have
found the problem.  What I had taken to be simple warnings about 'env_To'
checksums were actually invalidating the new whitelist and silently causing
the last known good whitelist to be used in the rebuild.

Many thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Clive Cleland

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