two instances of dccm

Vernon Schryver
Tue Jul 6 14:03:56 UTC 2004

> From: Juergen Georgi 

> approach. In ruleset check_relay I can set ${dcc_userdir} to the 
> sendmail macro ${if_addr}:
> SLocal_check_relay
> R$*     $: $(macro {dcc_userdir} $@ $&{if_addr} $) $1
> This way I get per-daemon userdirs, where I can define my different
> greylist settings. And I only need to run a single dccm.

Yes, but that will have the problem of embargoing mail sent simultaneously
to addresses that want and do not want greylisting.  I think the frequency
of greylisting false positives is low enough to ignore tha problem, but
your milage may vary.

> Since ${if_addr} is available to dccm any time, how about a new
> whiteclnt entry type? E.g.
> ok		if_addr
> greylist-off	if_addr

Entirely distinct checksum type consumes a value in a 4-bit field.
Given the ${dcc_isspam} and ${dcc_notspam} macros,
and the "option dcc-off" whiteclnt file entry, that does not seem
necesary for at least hte first alternative.  For example, you
could put this in your .mc file:

R$*			$: $&{if_addr} $| $1
R123.231.132.213 $| $*	$: $( macro {dcc_notspam} $@ 213 $) $1
R$* $| $*		$: $2

There is no ${dcc_greylist_off} macro, but I hate to burden the already
far too slow sendmail milter interface with yet another string when
there is an existing solution like your first LOCAL_RULESET.

Vernon Schryver

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