two instances of dccd (was Re: two instances of dccm)

Vernon Schryver
Tue Jul 6 00:10:42 UTC 2004

> From: David Sparks 

> > Don't you need --homedir=/some/where ?
> That was the configure line I used to install under /var/dcc -- I assume 
> that there is a default for --homedir of /var/dcc?

The default for --homedir is /var/dcc, but I guessed you were installing

> > I suspect --with-db-memory=1024 does not do what you expect, because

> What do you reccomend for a good value?  Will the default work fine?

The default as computed by a bunch of code including probing in
./configure and #ifdefs and system calls in srvrlib/db.c is my best
guess for finding about half of available RAM.

>   DCCD_ARGS='-a ,7277 -Q -u forever -R 1000'
> in my dcc_conf file but it seems that cdcc doesn't read the -a value? 
> It seemed to make sense to me that pointing cdcc at a home dir should 
> query the dccd running out of that homedir.

The main configuration file for DCC clients is the map file in the home
directory.  The following command 

    cdcc -h /where/ever "add localhost,7277  32701 passwdfor32701"

will make

    cdcc -h /where/ever stats

talk to the server on port 7277

There is some awkwardness in cdcc with unusual ports.  For example,
if you specify the client-ID explicitly, you'll have to specify the
port explicitly.  Unusual ports are rare enough that it doesn't seem
worth the cost of elaborating cdcc to fix that.

Vernon Schryver

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