two instances of dccd (was Re: two instances of dccm)

David Sparks
Mon Jul 5 21:53:51 UTC 2004

Vernon Schryver wrote:
>>From: David Sparks 
>>./configure --disable-dccifd --disable-dccm --with-db-memory=1024 
>>--without-sendmail --without-cgibin
> Don't you need --homedir=/some/where ?

That was the configure line I used to install under /var/dcc -- I assume 
that there is a default for --homedir of /var/dcc?

>>this also breaks the --without-cgibin so that option is removed, the 
>>problem is:  mkdir: cannot create directory `/home/dccno': Permission denied
> What happens if you add `./configure -with-uid=dccno` ?

/home/dccno is the home directory '/home/dcc' with 'no' appended onto 
it.  Note this error goes away when I use the configure options you 
specified below.

> I suspect --with-db-memory=1024 does not do what you expect, because
> it sets the minimum RAM that dccd thinks is available for mmap()
> of /var/dcc/dcc_db and /var/dcc/dcc_db.hash.

What do you reccomend for a good value?  Will the default work fine?

>>This seems to indicate that the --with-installroot= option is broken.
> On the contrary, I think you are trying to use --with-installroot for
> other than its intended purpose.  Its intended purpose is to let you
> build in one place as if it were someplace else, and then later copy
> everything to the someplace else, such as building a binary "package."

Ah, ok.

>>Being explicit about everything will build and install:
>>./configure --disable-sys-inst --disable-dccifd --disable-dccm 
>>--with-db-memory=1024 --without-sendmail --homedir=/home/dcc 
>>--bindir=/home/dcc/bin --libexecdir=/home/dcc/libexec 
>>--mandir=/home/dcc/man --with-rundir=/home/dcc/run --disable-IPv6
>>Unfortunately now start-dccd tries to do a `su` which fails.  
> That's not entirely explicit.  You didn't specify a UID, so the
> installation mechanisms assumed you want --with-uid=0

After some digging my problem seems to be because I missed setting 
DCCUID=dcc setting in dcc_conf.  I have set that value and added the 
--with-uid=dcc which solves the rcDCC problem.

> On what UDP port is the server listening?  You can't have two dccd
> processes listening on UDP port 6277 on a single IP address.
> You may need to add -a,7726 or similar to DCCD_ARGS in the second
> dcc_conf file and then use 
>    cdcc -h homedir "id 32701; port 7726; status"

cdcc -h /home/dcc "id 32701; port 7277; status"

That works!  I already had

  DCCD_ARGS='-a ,7277 -Q -u forever -R 1000'

in my dcc_conf file but it seems that cdcc doesn't read the -a value? 
It seemed to make sense to me that pointing cdcc at a home dir should 
query the dccd running out of that homedir.

Thanks for the help, I think I can properly run multiple dccd instances 
on the same server now.


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