two instances of dccd (was Re: two instances of dccm)

David Sparks
Mon Jul 5 19:36:27 UTC 2004

> However, I'd try to avoid overheating those locks by giving the
> two dccm processes separate DCC home directories.  I would build
> them with two different values for `./configure --homedir=XXX`.
> This would also simplify starting the two dccm daemons, since
> symbolic links to the two rcDCC files could be put wherever your
> flavor of UNIX wants them, each using the distinct dcc_conf file needed
> to turn greylisting on or off.

I want to do a similar thing, but for dccd (for testing effectiveness of 
various signature sources).  I ran into some problems.  My original 
configure line for installing in the /var/dcc area was:

./configure --disable-dccifd --disable-dccm --with-db-memory=1024 
--without-sendmail --without-cgibin

I've created a new 'dcc' user and su to that user.  Using the configure 
line above:

adding --homedir=/home/dcc tries to install manpages and cdcc into a 
privledged directories (ie /usr/local/bin)

this also breaks the --without-cgibin so that option is removed, the 
problem is:  mkdir: cannot create directory `/home/dccno': Permission denied

adding --disable-sys-inst still tries to install cdcc into a privledged 

adding --with-installroot=/home/dcc then installs cdcc into 
/home/dcc/usr/local/bin but the rest of the installation goes to 
/home/dcc/home/dcc so try again with:

./configure --disable-sys-inst --disable-dccifd --disable-dccm 
--with-db-memory=1024 --without-sendmail --homedir=/dcc 

but then libexec/updatedcc doesn't work:

./updatedcc: line 56: /dcc/dcc_conf: No such file or directory

because inside updatedcc: DCC_HOMEDIR=/dcc

This seems to indicate that the --with-installroot= option is broken.

Being explicit about everything will build and install:

./configure --disable-sys-inst --disable-dccifd --disable-dccm 
--with-db-memory=1024 --without-sendmail --homedir=/home/dcc 
--bindir=/home/dcc/bin --libexecdir=/home/dcc/libexec 
--mandir=/home/dcc/man --with-rundir=/home/dcc/run --disable-IPv6

Unfortunately now start-dccd tries to do a `su` which fails.  I can 
start the server manually but I have no idea how to get cdcc to query 
the server:

/home/dcc/bin/cdcc -h /home/dcc -c /home/dcc/ids 'id 32701' status
DCC server at not responding

Perhaps a better solution is to install into a chroot'd environment in 
/var/dcc and give the server multiple IP addresses, one for each dccd?



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