two instances of dccm

Vernon Schryver
Mon Jul 5 12:30:53 UTC 2004

> From: Juergen Georgi 

> Our machines do not have user accounts, they act as relays only.
> We also do not have complete knowlegde of all valid destination
> email adresses, so we cannot configure userdirs. We would
> need something like "domaindirs", which allow for per-domain 
> whiteclnt files. But dccm doesn't offer such feature (yet?).

The macro ${dcc_userdir} provides that feature.
See the dccm man page.
> Anyhow, I still have my doubts about the userdir concept.
> What happens if a message has more than one destination
> address with conflicting greylist settings? sendmail
> can only reject or accept the whole message.

Yes, you are right about that.  If any recipient of a message wants
greylisting, the entire message must be greylisted.  I do not understand
how running two dccm daemons would help that issue.

> Hmm, I'd rather avoid to install two different binaries. I'll probably
> make a another init script which just starts dccm with "-h XXX". 

That is certainly possible.   However, please note that 

  the dccm binary is less than 700 KBytes, which seems like a small
    price to pay for an installation which can use the updatedcc
    script to install new versions.

  rcDCC invokes the script start-dccm, and start-dccm understands "-h XXX".

Vernon Schryver

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