dccproc scores

Divyanand M S msdivyanand@omniquad.com
Fri Jul 2 14:10:19 UTC 2004

Hello all,

I plan to use DCC as one of the layers of spam-filtering on my network. I
use IIS SMTP, hence I found dccproc tool convenient for my use.

I hope somebody can clarify my doubts:

1. I ran a test run and found certain mails have high scores (for instance
dilbert newsletter has X-DCC-MessageCare-Metrics: root 1108; Body=0
Fuz1=4421 Fuz2=5478). My dilemma is that I've to decide trigger scores for
all my users. I can use whitelist common newsletters but I don't think I can
cover all users' newsletters.
I would like to know the score at which I can safely tell if its spam.

2. When I run dccproc with options -R -H, I get the basic elements like
Body, Fuz1 & Fuz2. What is the option to display all elements (IP, env_From,
From, Message-ID, Received & substitute).

Thanks & Best Regards
Divyanand M S

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