embargo time in greylist rejection message

Juergen Georgi georgi@belwue.de
Fri Jun 25 13:16:56 UTC 2004

On Fri 2004-06-25 (10:33), John Sutton wrote:
> There is probably a downside to telling spammers *precisely* when their 2nd 
> effort will be successful.  It would be rather inviting them to build the 
> hooks in their systems to use this info...
Good point. The same argument applies against using the word "greylist"
in the SMTP dialogue. A smart spammer could try a second run for
those mentioning "greylist" in the reject msg. The typical greylist
embargo period is obvious.

> But I agree that positive is nice!  Something along the lines of:
> 452 4.2.1 We will accept mail abc12335 from aa.bb.cc.dd if presented again 
> later
> if perfectly possible without any mods being required.


Thank you very much,

-Juergen Georgi

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