embargo time in greylist rejection message

John Sutton john@scl.co.uk
Fri Jun 25 09:33:22 UTC 2004

There is probably a downside to telling spammers *precisely* when their 2nd 
effort will be successful.  It would be rather inviting them to build the 
hooks in their systems to use this info...

But I agree that positive is nice!  Something along the lines of:

452 4.2.1 We will accept mail abc12335 from aa.bb.cc.dd if presented again 

if perfectly possible without any mods being required.

On Friday 25 June 2004  9:25 am, Juergen Georgi wrote:
> Hello,
> recently I saw the following SMTP greylist rejection message:
> 451 4.3.0 We will accept the mail in 1 minutes and 0 seconds.
> I is possible to show the leftover embargo time within the
> dccm rejection message? Currently only the sendmail queue ID
> and the client IP is available with "-r rejection-msg".
> IMHO the standard dccm rejection message - "452 4.2.1 mail
> abc12335 from aa.bb.cc.dd temporary greylist embargoed" -
> is too technical and has a somewhat negative sound. I received
> many inquiries from customers who were confused by this
> message. The above style is more "positive", and comprehensible
> even for someone not familiar with greylisting.
> Regards,
> -Juergen Georgi
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