Mailing lists

Spike Ilacqua
Sat Jun 19 15:35:58 UTC 2004

> As long as we're on the subject of mailing lists, how can I whitelist
> all of my client's "from" email.  Periodically, one of my clients will
> send a note to 3 dozen friends.  Since my spam limit is set at 30, six
> of his letters bounce.  I'd like to have anyone originating mail on my 
> server be exempt

The simplest thing, if the messages originate on your networks, is to 
whitelist them:

ok      ip      127.1
ok      ip

If your clients are remotely accessing your server and you are running 
sendmail you can use:

<DCC source>/misc/hackmc -T

on your mc file.  This hack causes SMTP connections authenticated with 
SMTP AUTH or certificates to be automagically whitelisted.


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