dccifd 1.2.49 dying, any help?

Henrik Edlund henrik@edlund.org
Sat Jun 12 16:28:13 UTC 2004

On Sat, 12 Jun 2004, Vernon Schryver wrote:

> That there are no .dccw files shows that those files are not mentioned
> with -w, not where -w says they are, or otherwise not writable by the
> dccm, dccproc, or dccifd process.

I start dccifd without parameters as SA calls it. I do not use 
whitelisting or graylisting.

> If there is a path or permission problem, then there should be 
> complaints in the system log.  If dccifd or dccm is not being started by 
> the start-dccifd or start-dccm scripts in the DCC source, then perhaps 
> they are not running with -w whiteclnt.

There are nothing in the syslog. That's why I began by running a strace. 
All that was reported in syslog was that dccifd started successfully and 
opened the socket /path/to/socket/dccifd= ...

In any case, will there be a 1.2.50 release or what can I do to get 1.2.49 
running? I am lost in your whitelist file talk as I don't use that.

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