dccifd 1.2.49 dying, any help?

Vernon Schryver vjs@calcite.rhyolite.com
Sat Jun 12 14:37:28 UTC 2004

> From: Henrik Edlund 

> Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.
> #0  0x0804f277 in rcpt_st_alloc (cwp=0x4017c430, unlocked=0 '\0') at cmn.c:201
> 201             if (cwp->action == CMN_IGNORE
> (gdb) bt

That is a bug in the "option" lines in whiteclnt files added in 1.2.48
triggered by a missing whiteclnt file.  A work-around is to create an
empty whiteclnt file.

This may explain the report of problems with the FreeBSD package.
If somehow after installing and moving that package around there
were no whiteclnt file, and if that package contains DCC version 1.2.48
or newer, then this bug should be triggered.

Thank you for providing the stack trace.

Vernon Schryver    vjs@rhyolite.com

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