sendmail just stops receiving

Vernon Schryver
Fri Jun 11 20:13:51 UTC 2004

> From: Alexy Khrabrov 

> With the upgrade to 1.2.49, and extensive tweaking of my 
> dynamic IP system, with a router which needs resetting 
> once in a while, I am not sure whether the fact that
> sendmail just "stops receiving" has to do anything with dcc.
> Restarting sendmail solves the problem.  I wonder how would
> I go about diagnosing whether dcc handshake is lost or
> dcc is somehow causing the stalling.

Sendmail complains in the system log when dccm fails to answer.
If there are no such logged complaints, then either sendmail logging
is broken or dccm is innocent.

Wath do you mean by "stops receiving"?  Does `telnet host 25`
produce a "connection refused" error message or nothing at all?

If `telnet host 25` gets the sendmail banner, what happens if you
set through an SMTP transaction, as in:

    mail from:
    rcpt to:
    message body

Vernon Schryver

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