dccifd.core at first unix-soket-connection ?

Florian Meister Florian.Meister@medienhaus.at
Fri Jun 11 18:35:54 UTC 2004



I have a big problem with dccifd. Because of performance problems, I have upgraded my dcc-package to the newest available package at the freebsd-ports-system (2.48) 


I have saved my ids, map.txt, dcc_conf and flod files, deinstalled dcc and reinstalled it. I copied the configuration-files back in my dcc-directory (/usr/local/dcc -> symbolic link to /data/dcc), set the owner and group of all files to dcc and tried to run libexec/rcDCC. I have done a ps axf |grep -I dcc and saw that there were 2 dccifd-daemons, the start-dccifd-script, the dccd and the rcDCC script. Somehow the rcDCC script hangs. Don't know why or how ?? So i killed all dcc-prcocesses, and did ./start-dccd and start-dccifd. Wow->worked. I tested dcc with a single spamassassin query in debug mode: failed read status, the dccifd-prcocess is killed somehow, and a core file is written, nothing in the dccifd-log with -dd (debug switches)


Very, very strange


Ciao, flo




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