high load

Sven Willenberger sven@dmv.com
Fri Jun 11 16:35:28 UTC 2004

On Fri, 2004-06-11 at 17:32 +0200, Florian Meister wrote:
> Hi!
> I’m running a DCC and a spamassassin Server for a mail-traffic of
> 300.000 – 500.000 a day.
> The Server I’m using is a intel-box with a double-processor (xeon
> 2,8GHz) and 2GB of RAM.
> The Problem is, the I’m getting a very high load(11 – 13), when
> spamassassin is using DCC. The dccifd-process needs more than 40% of
> the whole processor load.
> When spamassassin is using DCC, it takes around 20!! Seconds to scan a
> mail. Without DCC it takes max. 2 seconds.
> Should I set up a new server for the dcc-service or do I have another
> problem ?

Are you querying the public (anonymously) DCC servers? If so you may
want to consider setting up your own dcc server to query if you are
processing 1/2 million emails a day. The public DCC servers are designed
with a throttling mechanism that will delay responses in proportion to
the number of requests received from any given host. This would
certainly add latency to your requests and could be the source of your

If you are running your own dcc server (with peer flooding, etc) it
would probably be best to have it running on its own hardware as it can
be quite the beast - especially when combined with perl processes being
added by the spamassassin setup.


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