Cygwin FD_SETSIZE issues

Christian Becker
Fri Jun 11 12:58:14 UTC 2004

> I don't know how many files Windows 98/ME can handle, but some years ago
> I found that the Winsock 2 in 98/ME croaks at around 100 TCP/IP sockets.
> FD_SETSIZE=64 seems rather small.  Does the Cygwin implementation of
> select() assume that 64-bit type for the bit masks?

It's using 32-bit longs.

> As far as the DCC source is concerned, I think the right fix is twofold:
>   - detect max_max_work<=0, complain, and clamp it to 1.
>   - let NUM_CWFS, the number of per-user whitelist file control
> structures,
>    be controlled with the ./configure script.  It is currently set to 20,
>    which is too many on a system tiny FD_SETSIZE values.
>    MAX(2, MIN(20, FD_SETSIZE-32)) seems fair.

Sounds good =) Note that dccim is also affected.


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