Controlling the size of the log

Vernon Schryver
Wed Jun 9 18:57:10 UTC 2004

> From: Paul Vixie 

> > I'm quite new to DCC but we manage to get it work as expected.  As we
> > are running now since a couple of days, I noticed that the
> > /var/dcc/log is growing quite fast (around 100MB/day).
> that's not fast.  a gigabyte an hour is fast.  100Mbyte/hour is quite low.
> given that serious logfile-quality disk capacity costs less than $0.90/Gig
> you should provision it in bulk.  treat logfile disk capacity the way you
> treat printer paper or printer toner -- just keep buying it and using it up.

Or use CDROMs or DVDs.
100 MByte/hour would burn only 1 DVD/day.


] From: Lonnie Olson 

] > I set some params (DBCLEAN_LOGDAYS=5) in the 'dcc_conf' but I
] > feel that the params are not effective (see conf below).  I tryed
] > to run de /var/dcc/libexec/cron-dccd without success  (could not
] > find on the site what params to apply to either clean the log or
] > the db). I'm must surely miss a step somewhere.

/var/dcc/libexec/cron-dccd always cleans the log directories
and if dccd is active, runs dbclean

DBCLEAN_LOGDAYS=5 causes /var/dcc/libexec/cron-dccd to delete log
files more than 5 days old.  You could reduce that value.

] > How shoul I properly invoque this procedure (bdclean) ?
] Correct me if I am wrong, but dbclean only cleans out the dcc_db.  That
] database is used only if you are running your own DCC server which you
] are not.  See "DCCD_ENABLE=off"

that is correct.

] > Can I get get rid of the logging ? Is ther a param I can add to avoid logging ?

You always want to log messages that are rejected or discarded.

You can rebuild the DCC clients with `updatedcc -c --with-max-log-size=KB`
to reduce the maximum size of log files.  See

] This setting "DCCM_LOG_AT=5" looks like a good place to start
] investigating.  The comment right above it says that 50 is a typical
] value, not 5.

Yes, increasing the target count threshold will reduce the number of log
DCC client files.

] dccifd is set to the same setting dccm is.  I would probably just change
] the DCCM_LOG_AT to the recommended 50.  I don't know exactly what this
] number controls, but it sounds like a good start.

It set -t values for dccifd and dccm.  The easiest way to see how is
to use `ps` to view the parameters with which dccm and dccifd are running.

Vernon Schryver

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