DCC version 1.2.49

Alexy Khrabrov braver@pobox.com
Sun Jun 6 18:41:41 UTC 2004

Vernon -- I just wanted to express my gratitude for
this wonderful system you created!  It saves my time
every day, and I just updated it seamlessly and all
is a-ok.  It's amazing what you've done, and I tell
everybody this is the piece of software one should run.
I'll go to Russia soon, and will try to get it installed
in as many places as possible.  Too much spam coming from there
with low counts.  Same with China -- we need more servers
there at the source.  All in all, this is the one and
only true spam definition and capturing system, regardless
of any protocols to come.  The more amazing it's the
work of one man!  I'm not trying to flatter here, just
see all the minute questions Vernon invariably answers
with the highest ratio of cluing-in, and not enough
appreciation how lucky we are to have it in the first

The spam traps which are state of the art, bogofilter
I use for instance, catch 99.99% spam.  It is DCC
which cuts the _review_ costs for false positives,
which is where the time is spent on spam *regardless*
of how good your filters are.  And that sweet "rejected
by DCC" line means I didn't have to lay my eyes on it!
Line after line after line!  Of course I have those
gigs in log/, but hey, storage is availale nowadays.
(Just in case.:)

If there's an open source prize of the year, decade,
or eternity, I'd like to nominate Vernon for it!
Anybody sitting on those boards?  DCC is facilitating
human communication by cleaning the channels worldwide.
Heck, it's worth an Emmy!

Alexy Khrabrov :: www.setup.org :: Age Quod Agis

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