cdcc RTTs in FreeBSD Jails

Andy Hilker
Wed Jun 2 12:58:15 UTC 2004

> That sounds as if a too-smart-by-half firewall is interfering somewhere
> between where you run tcpdump and where you run `cdcc rtt`

Yes. If cdcc sends out packets and tcpdump does not show...
But why on some hosts more packets are eaten than on others?

> Is whatever you mean by "same switch" some kind of firewall?

No, i meant the physical ethernet switch. No firewall or filter.

> Are you running some kind of "ipchains" or "ipfw" firewall rules?

On some hosts there runs noting, on some ifpw (9-10 working servers).
The ones with 1-4 working servers are with ipfilter. But ruleset
should be ok, traceroute works.

Ok, i will try and think... and inform you if I have found a solution
or need more information.

bye and thanks,

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