greylisting vs. dccproc

Brian T Glenn
Tue Jun 1 18:45:39 UTC 2004

On Tue, Jun 01, 2004 at 08:33:31AM -0600, Vernon Schryver may have written:
> Two of the three DCC clients, dccm and dccifd, support greylisting.
> The third, dccproc, does not.  Would it be useful if it did?

I don't know of a MTA that would do a local delivery without queueing 
the message first. It seems like greylisting is only useful if you can 
give the 4xx after the DATA or RCPT TO command.

I personally used to run dccproc via the QMAILQUEUE technique, which 
tells qmail via return codes whether to 4xx, 5xx, or accept the message. 
This has all been updated to work with dccifd as John Levine pointed out 

> If so, how would dccproc tell the MTA "temporarily reject this
> message for greylisting" in addition to the current "accept this message"
> or "reject this message as spam"?

I don't necessarily think it is useful, but perhaps someone with more 
experience on other MTAs would have more insight.

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