cdcc RTTs in FreeBSD Jails

Andy Hilker
Tue Jun 1 15:29:13 UTC 2004


> The DCC RTT measurements use ordinary DCC UDP/IP client-server 
> requests.  All DCC client-server interactions are used by the DCC
> client code to update the RTT value for a server.

But why the different behaviour? 
Firewall rules are the same.
But inside a jail only the first server on "cdcc info" output answers
and others stop working.
There is no difference, the files and directories are 1:1 mounted
from base system to the jail. So if I make "cdcc load map.txt" on
base, the 4 servers are displayed from inside the jail, too. But
if i make a "cdcc load map.txt" inside the jail the 4 working servers
reduces to 1, step by step.

> I also see no value in running the DCC code in a FreeBSD jail.

The server is shared through different customers.
The mailserver and amavis are running in a jail and so dcc does,

I have tried tcpdump now. On base system i see 4 requests to the 4
servers are working. When doing the same inside the jail, only one
request to the working server is sent out.
On another server (at the same ISP) i see 9 requests.

What does determine, which server is queried when "cdcc load map.txt"
or "cdcc RTT" ?

Thanks for answering!


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