dccm feature request

Stephen L. Ulmer ulmer@ulmer.org
Thu May 20 17:33:28 UTC 2004

On 20 May 2004, vjs@calcite.rhyolite.com verbalized:
>> From: Kelsey Cummings 
>> After deploying dccm for outbound bulk detection it's become clear
>> that there is one feature that we'd really like to see.  It would
>> be very handy if we were able to control the log/reject thresholds
>> in a similiar fashion to the existing whitelist files.  This would
>> allow us to change the limits based on source adressess (IP or
>> envelope) to allow for more flexible configuration.  We are short
>> on developer time now but might be able to provide patches if there
>> is interest in the feature.  I don't see how it would useful for
>> anything but outbound mail processing.
> Where would those additional per-send values be stored?  Currently
> dccm has space only for a choice among OK, OK2, and MANY for each
> SMTP client value including HELO, IP address, and envelope and
> header from values.
> Whilelist values of "OK" or nothing for a sender IP address can be
> used for a boolean reject threshold.  Do you need more than that?
> For detecting and stopping "trojaned" systems or other spamming
> customers, why do you need more than one threshold?  I can see the
> utility of finer control than "trust this user implicitly" vs. a
> global threshold for billing and accounting, but do you really need
> fine controls for stopping outgoing spam?

In my environment, I can say "yes".

It is politically untenable for me to stop incoming mail at all. I
lost the battle to stop incoming viruses the first two times
around. Thankfully, that has finally changed.

I think I will eventually be allowed to top *outgoing* messages,
because they may tarnish my employer's image. Messages generated by
"spam bots" are an especially large concern.

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