Error message

Vernon Schryver
Thu May 20 13:29:07 UTC 2004

> From: Andy Jacobs 

> However, just recently, I've noticed error messages appearing when I look at
> the maillog.  For example:
> May 20 11:39:18 ns dccproc[25732]: sendto(
> (,6277)): Connection refused; fatal error

That means no more or less than that a sendto() system call intended
to send a UDP/IP packet containing a DCC request to the currently
chosen DCC server failed with ECONNREFUSED.  Some flavors of UNIX like
systems misuse (in my view) ECONNREFUSED to indicate problems such
as ICMP Unreachable messages.

Did you have a transient routing problem?  That could have caused
dccproc to give up with that error message.

Do you have a firewall that blocks outgoing UDP/IP packets to distant
UDP port 6277?  If the command `cdcc info` says that all dozen public
DCC servers you are using are not work, check would be worthwhile.

Vernon Schryver

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