sendmail SPAMHATER checking?

Vernon Schryver
Thu May 20 13:12:15 UTC 2004

> From:

> Is it possible to use SPAMAHATER feature in sendmail with DCC, i.e. to reject
> spam mail if receipent is listed in access db as hater, and delivery the mail
> labelled for all other recipients ? 

As stated, I think that is not possible.  However, "option dcc-off"
and "dcc-on"in a per-user whiteclnt file can control DCC filtering
for individual recipients.

>                                      I've no idea how to check the access db
> after dccm tells sendmail that spam mail is found (at xxfi_eom ?).

A sendmail milter filter is an entirely separate program from sendmail.
Among other things, that makes the notion of dccm poking at sendmail's
access DB strained.
As the new libmilter/docs/index.html file in 8.12.11 says:

   Individual users' mail filtering needs (e.g. sorting messages by
   subject) are left to client-level programs such as Procmail.

I think they mean that you might run `dccm -a IGNORE` or
"option dcc-off" and then use procmail to look at the X-DCC header.

In principle it would be possible set to pass an additional
macro values to xxfi_envrcpt() and to change dccm to use those macros.
I can't seem to muster enthusiasm for the prospect.

Vernon Schryver

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