userdirs problem

Vernon Schryver
Fri May 14 13:40:22 UTC 2004

> From: John Sutton 

> Given that the cronjob approach is proving difficult, I'll have to look in to 
> that ;-(  Problem is, in the main it is not really "accounts" that are in 
> question, it is forwarding addresses in virtusertable.  These get created and 
> destroyed by users through a web interface writing to a mysql db, etc - the 
> usual stuff.  Such "web server code" tends to be (grotesquely?) complicated 
> and mine is no exception...  If you have 2 complex systems - the DCC is one 
> and the web server code is the other - then the looser you can couple them 
> and still provide the functionality that you want, the better.  This is what 
> I have been pursuing.  If the DCC system is entirely responsible for the 
> creation and destruction of the filesystem that *it* needs, that is good. 

The DCC system is purely passive and ignorant about which mailboxes
are valid. 

Do you have anything in your DCC code do when on of your virtusertable
entries is deleted or will your system gradually accumulate a sludge of
dead DCC userdirs directories?

Surely your web interface eventually reaches a point where it adds or
deletes a record in your mysql database.
For that matter, I did not recall that a sendmail virtusertable file
can use mysql.  I see no words to the effect in the 8.12.11 cf/README
file.  So aren't you adding and deleteling simple ASCII lines?  Couldn't
that point in your big script create or delete the DCC directory?

At worst, could a cron script dump your mysql database and check that
all needed DCC userdirs directories exist, as well as delete all 
directories not mentioned in your mysql database?

Vernon Schryver

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