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John Sutton
Fri May 14 09:46:03 UTC 2004

On Thursday 13 May 2004  6:11 pm, you wrote:
> > From: John Sutton
> >
> > > Why do you create the userdir/username/log directory if you do not want
> > > per-user log files?  Why not do as Spike said he does, and not create
> > > the per-user log directories when you do not want the per-user log
> > > files?
> >
> > Sorry, I've probably not explained myself well.  I *do* want the per user
> > logs, and I want them *always*, i.e., even when the per-user log
> > directory does not yet exist because the user account is new.
> Why not create the per-user log directory when you create the account?

Given that the cronjob approach is proving difficult, I'll have to look in to 
that ;-(  Problem is, in the main it is not really "accounts" that are in 
question, it is forwarding addresses in virtusertable.  These get created and 
destroyed by users through a web interface writing to a mysql db, etc - the 
usual stuff.  Such "web server code" tends to be (grotesquely?) complicated 
and mine is no exception...  If you have 2 complex systems - the DCC is one 
and the web server code is the other - then the looser you can couple them 
and still provide the functionality that you want, the better.  This is what 
I have been pursuing.  If the DCC system is entirely responsible for the 
creation and destruction of the filesystem that *it* needs, that is good. 

> > I've now spotted that the logfile in the main logdir and the
> > corresponding one(s) in the per-user log dir(s) have the same name. 
> > Always I hope?
> No, there is code that tries to use the same name for all of the log
> files for a mail message, but it is impossible to guarantee.  The name
> in one per-user directory might already have been used.

That's a blow.  I can still see a way to do it if I accept that a few logs 
might get lost (they *are* only logs, after all!) but instinct rebels against 
such sloppiness...

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