Is there a client-side grey whitelist?

Vernon Schryver
Tue May 11 20:25:54 UTC 2004

> From: Gary Mills 

> I've been accumulating a whitelist file for broken e-mail servers,
> that don't respond properly to temporary delivery failures.  It's
> included into grey_whitelist, which means that changes to the file
> only take effect when the greylist DCC servers clean their databases.
> Is there any way to whitelist these e-mail servers for greylisting
> only on the client side, which is `dccm' in my case?

There is nothing in the whiteclnt files to say "whitelist for greylisting
but not for normal DCC operations."  Because of how the whole pile
works, there would be difficulties in making something of the sort work.

Since greylist databases are very small, why not run `dbclean -G -i server-ID`
whenever the grey_whitelist file is changed?

Vernon Schryver

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