userdirs problem

Vernon Schryver
Tue May 11 20:22:05 UTC 2004

> From: John Sutton 

> rather implies?), then it looks sensible to write a cron job to scan the main 
> logdir and call libexec/newwebuser (or similar) to create the userdirs as 
> they are required.

Why use a cron job to create log directories?  If you want logs,
why not created log directories when the userdirs directories are
created?  To retrofit dccm into an existing mail system, why not
create usedirs and log directories for all appropriate mailboxes
with a single execution of a trivial script?


} From: Spike Ilacqua 

} Yes, it's correct, if the user log directory does not exist, then 
} logging is only done at the system level.  I use this feature to allow 
} users to control whether message are logged or not (a lot of people 
} prefer an "out of sight, out of mind" approach to spam).

In addition, there are now the 
    option {log-all,log-normal,greylist-log-{on,off}}
controls in the per-user whitelists.
See the main dcc man page or the proof-of-concept CGI scripts.

I once talked about per-user logging thresholds, but that turned out
to be a mess because of how the code is structured.

Vernon Schryver

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